Forensic and Litigation Support

Services under forensic and litigation Support includes quantification of financial losses and/or economic damages in various types of disputes, such as:

  • Shareholder, partner, family disputes, minority shareholder oppression/ dissent remedy
  • Commercial litigation – buy/sell and shareholder agreements
  • Insurance claims and business interruption
  • Construction disputes, delays, defects and overruns
  • Damage assessment – loss of income/ loss of property
  • Personal injury and wrongful death resulting in financial losses that includes past and future lost income/ profits, lost or decreased value of business
  • Family law matters (Income determination for spousal and child support and equalization of family property)
  • Expert witness testimony (at trial, mediation, arbitration)
  • Quantifying economic loss, damages and claim settlement
  • Forensic accounting and fraud Investigation
  • Critiquing of other expert’s report Assistance in mediation, arbitration and claims negotiation and settlement.

The BGD Forensic and Litigation  Services team provides comprehensive litigation support services in actual or potential legal proceedings before a court, regulatory body, government authority or in alternate dispute resolution settings.

We are often retained by lawyers, insurance companies, business owners and management to provide an assessment of economic damages and to prepare an independent expert’s report suitable for use at settlement meetings, mediations, arbitrations or in court.

We are also retained to review and provide comments on another expert’s report in order to assist counsel in preparing for cross examination.

Prompt, accurate, and efficient settlement requires an in-depth knowledge of the legal system, insurance forms and applicable legislation, plus discretion, persistence and insight born of experience. BGD can assist with all types of damages, loss of income, insurance claims and forensic and litigation support. We deliver independent, objective analyses and clear, concise reporting that goes beyond mere numbers to reveal the true story.

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