Most business owners today often require an independent valuation of either the shares or assets of their business. Complex Laws, new types of securities, and innovative ways of structuring organizations can often complicate the simple question: “How much is it really worth?”

There are many instances when an independent, objective and accurate assessment of a company’s value is required.

  • Buy and Sell of Business – owners, private equity firms and investment funds
  • Merger and Acquisition (M&A)
  • Shareholder and Business Disputes
  • Economic Loss – Divorce and Personal Injury Matters
  • Taxation – Re-organisations, Estate Freeze and set up of Trust
  • Business Transition and Succession Planning
  • Forensic and Litigation Support


Some say a company is worth exactly what another person is willing to pay. Or is it? How about future value? Or earnings and income? Or goodwill? How do you arrive at that magic number, fairly? More importantly, who best to provide that assessment? An accountant? A lawyer ? The neighbour who sold their business? Who can provide that certainty?

With BGD on you side, you are provided with a degree of comfort “to be certain”.

BGD has the experience and knowledge to deliver business valuation assessments that are based on approved professional standards. These business valuation assessments may be used for circumstances that include buy/sell agreements, shareholders and partner disputes, determination of damages in third-party liability matters, dissenting shareholder actions and remedies, divorce settlements, personal injury / economic loss of income claims, estate and succession/exit planning, initial public offerings (IPO) and pricing negotiation and fairness opinion matters.

For every scenario, buyers, sellers and facilitators can find the needed reassurance and degree of certainty with the professionals at BGD. Our CBVs are experts with a specialized knowledge of businesses and their value and can quantify the worth of all, or part, of a business.
Welcome to a world of certainty.

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