Small Business Loans

Small businesses make up 98.2% of all business in Canada, and therefore play a crucial role in the country’s economy. Still, many business owners find it difficult to access funding to invest and grow their organizations. Ever since the 2008 financial crises, banks and lenders across the country began implementing stricter rules for corporate loans. While banks continuously lend more to larger companies, small business owners face a hard time meeting all the requirements set by investors and financial institutions. BGD understands financing as a key to growth, especially when it comes to small businesses. With their in-depth knowledge about funding options and a wide network of investors and lenders, the corporate finance team at BGD has helped many small business owners build financing strategies and access different funding options leading to exponential growth and expanded operations. Let BGD help you. Whether you are looking to grow your business through franchising, acquisitions or investing in new technologies and resources, BGD can help you.

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