Finance & Securitization

Businesses are constantly exposed to ever-changing market conditions and transferring risk is of great concern for companies that operate outside of the traditional capital market structure. There are many complex legal implications involved in structured finance and asset securitization transactions. Therefore, the transactions require comprehensive knowledge, experience and innovation. 

BGD’s legal consultants have a thorough understanding of the financial service industry and capital markets which allows them to provide practical advice for structuring, negotiating as well as documenting structured finance and securitization transactions. Our proficient lawyers provide practical solutions for cross-border and domestic funding structures, which include equity and debt financing arrangements, security agreements and credit-proofing strategies.

We take note of several complex regulatory, business, tax, accounting, and administrative issues. Our legal advisors adopt an innovative and problem-solving approach to eliminate intricate challenges involved in this practice.

At BGD, we are dedicated to delivering successful results to our clients and providing superior structured finance and securitization services in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Our structured finance and securitization lawyers provide assistance in:

Equity and Debt Financing Arrangements and Security Agreements  

Equity and debt financing arrangements require legal expertise. BGD’s legal advisors can assist you with innovative and traditional financing transactions that are relevant in today’s capital markets. Our skilled lawyers have extensive experience in catering to a broad range of clients, including public and private companies, startups, investment dealers and venture capital funds, among others.

We can assist on project and debt finance, raising capital (public offering and private placements), institutional lending and structured finance and securitization. Our legal advisors provide expertise on negotiating and structuring loan arrangements, risk management as well as regulatory compliance considerations.

A security arrangement has crucial legal implications, as it allows a business to attain security over business assets to fulfill its commercial obligations. Since requirements for these arrangements can be complex, it is common for business parties to fall into traps.  BGD’s lawyers provide sound legal counsel in this increasingly complex area to avoid any type of legal trap and thereby save significant potential costs to our clients.

Creditor-Proofing Strategies

Devising creditor-proofing strategies that entail protecting your valuable corporate and personal assets from existing creditors and potential future creditors, requires legal expertise.  At BGD, our legal professionals will provide an efficient creditor proofing plan to protect your important assets. Whether you own assets within a corporate group or among family members, our legal advisors will deliver customized strategies to protect your assets from creditors and minimize future risks.