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Finance proposes changes to tax planning strategies for Private Corporations

Finance Minister Bill Morneau presented on July 18, 2017 a consultation paper recommending changes to some tax planning strategies currently available to business owners to reduce tax liability for private corporations. This announcement was anticipated in the 2017 Federal Budget released earlier this year, and will have a great impact in all Canadian private companies, including family businesses and professional corporations.

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Why Pay for Due Diligence? What is the Value Proposition?

Performing financial and other types of due diligence prior to an acquisition is often the critical success factor on any completed transaction.

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Zero Based Budgeting

Budgeting & Budgetary Control continues to be one of the most effective ways of putting a Road Map in place and walking an organization down the budget path. A well-drawn Budget compels a thought process that aligns and directs an organization through predictive results, forming the basis for analysis of actual performance vs. budget and reasons for variance.

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Financial Due Diligence: Quality of Earnings

One of the key metrics in understanding whether a transaction has been successful or not is in the measure of the earnings before and after the close of a transaction. Accordingly, understanding the quality of the earnings of a potential target company is key in assessing if the target will generate the desired accretive earnings.

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Reforms coming to Canada's Pension Plan

Federal and Provincial Finance Ministers agreed on Monday, June 21, to support an expansion of the country's Pension Plan. The agreement would increase premiums moderately over a seven-year phase period - starting on January 1, 2019, and allow a higher benefit for pensioners.

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Protecting your business from fraud

Occasions of fraud scandals are being seen more and more frequently in newspapers or on TV. This increased reporting has caused many business owners to become concerned with fraud that could be happening within their own organization.