Business Restructuring

In changing global times, facing downward financial crisis is not uncommon. If your company is under financial stress, it is imperative to act swiftly with the help of advisors who can help you deal with the downward spiral and avoid critical complications. Early detection of operational underperformance and financial crisis can stabilize your business and rebuild performance to ensure the value and reputation of your company remains protected.

The business restructuring advisors at BGD take proactive steps to protect the value of your business in the time of financial fluctuations, transition period and/ or period of underperformance. At BGD, we have competent professionals who devise comprehensive restructuring strategies that not only address your financial stress but also potential opportunities to overcome challenges and achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

By allowing our experienced advisors to intervene early in the restructuring process, you will be able to stabilize your company’s performance which can lead to significantly better profitability. The team of advisors at BGD will help you survive in your current time of economic adversity and enable you to align your business to new realistic strategies and restore value and performance at your organization.

We will understand your organization’s needs and requirements, implement effectively tested measures and assist in addressing stakeholders’ concerns. Keeping in mind the various countermeasures, our advisors will provide you with the most appropriate business restructuring strategy and guide you in its implementation.

BGD’s business restructuring service includes:

  • Turnaround business planning
  • Operational improvements
  • Crisis management
  • Liquidity, cash management and forecasting
  • Exit planning and implementation
  • Financing and structuring solutions

Our professionals at BGD will counsel you at every stage of business restructuring process and help you eliminate business inefficiencies and maximize profitability and stability. These advisors have extensive experience to serve all kinds of businesses and successfully assist them overcome financial challenges