Internal Audits

Internal audits play a key role in today’s business environment because every organization requires them to identify potential risks which hinder growth and development. At BGD, we ensure that internal audits add value to your organization, improving performance. Our aim is to enable you to make efficient and strategic decisions to empower your business in global markets.

Our advisors ensure that through effective internal audits, you achieve good corporate governance which encompasses every sphere of your organization, from action plans and internal controls, to performance measurement and corporate disclosure. Through these audit plans, your business will be able to balance resources according to your priorities so that you can make the most of global opportunities while mitigating global risks.

BGD’s internal audit services deploy a multidisciplinary team of certified auditors who are experienced in financial and operational internal auditing. We put to use the best of resources and latest tools to ensure that your business operates in full compliance with industry-specific best practices and guidelines. We have trained professionals who develop successful audit plans in accordance with your organization’s goals and objectives, in order to bring maximum value to your company.

Internal Controls Assessments

We at BGD understand that internal control assessment is crucial for any organization because it controls the potential risks a company may face. Protecting financial assets and ensuring reliability in financial reports can be achieved only by having an effective set of internal controls in place. More importantly, we also understand that continuously monitoring and assessing internal control methods reduces financial and regulatory risks, and by reducing such risks, the reputation of companies can be safeguarded.

BGD’s internal control team can help streamline your operations. This can help you to increase business productivity by evaluating current business processes, assessing opportunities for improvement and determining risks and weaknesses. Through our efficient services, we help you:

  • Reduce costs associated with compliance work
  • Improve control to mitigate risks
  • Enhance the reliability of your financial statements by implementing internal controls

Performance Measurements

Performance measurement is a tool organizations should use before making critical business decisions. One of the most popular business principles advises, ‘If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it!’ Therefore, by effectively implementing performance measurement systems, we ensure that you have a precise overview of how effective your organization is in achieving the desired outcomes that you intend to achieve.

Many effective measurement techniques have been around for the last couple of decades. However, there are many organizations who are still unsuccessful in collecting key data specific to their business operations and use it in an integrated manner. For that reason, such organizations are unable to enhance performance beyond their financial statements. Our trusted professionals at BGD will help you design a comprehensive strategy that will measure the performance of your organization, including:

  • Determining goals and objectives
  • Defining desired outcomes
  • Implementing KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Gathering relevant data
  • Establishing reporting systems.

We will ensure that our proposed strategy and your organizational goals and objectives are aligned to ensure your company’s success.