Transaction Support

At BGD, our skilled advisors provide comprehensive transaction support to strategic acquirers, high net worth investors, private equity firms and corporates who are looking for acquisitions, mergers and divestments to achieve strategic business goals.

With extensive experience in transaction support, BGD provides a complete portfolio of transaction advisory services so that you gain complete understanding of potential opportunities and risks. Our team will guide you throughout the process of the transaction including enhancing your understanding of what goals you would like to attain with a particular transaction.   

 BGD’s Step-By-Step Approach:

  • Business Assessment
  • Preliminary Negotiations
  • Detailed Investigation – Buy-side or Sell-side Advisory
  • Objective Valuation
  • Structuring – Tax, Corporate Finance
  • Final Negotiations

Our trusted advisors at BGD adhere to the above mentioned steps in order to make a value-driven acquisition or sale for our client. We also conduct comprehensive due diligence process to carry out successful transactions whether it is a buy-side or a sell side.

Below is the brief overview of our holistic approach of transaction support to our clients and how they can maximize value through buying, selling or listing their business:

Buy-side Advisory

Before acquiring or buying a business, professionals at BGD help you discover potential risks, threats and opportunities to ensure that you get more value for the price you pay! With proper guidance and assistance in transaction support, you can explore new markets globally or maximize the value of the present one. However, if the transaction is not managed properly, it can result in loss of time and money.

Our advisors help you define your key transaction drivers and subsequently build a tailored due diligence plan to assess key areas. The deal drivers may comprise of EBITDA, cash flows, working capital, market share, customer base and so forth.

BGD’s experienced professionals will co-develop specific due diligence plan comprising the combination of these deal drives as well as other factors and assist you to make informed decisions. These decisions are of critical importance if you want to avoid making a bad deal. Our advisors will successfully use key information to ensure that you make a good deal even better.

BGD’s buy-side advisory team has experience advising clients on a wide range of issues and opportunities ranging from assessing transaction prospects and completing due diligence to determining fair pricing and evaluating other requirements so that you close a profitable deal.

Sell-side Advisory 

Selling your business would be one of the most major decisions you could make in your lifetime. We at BGD understand the importance of every stage of the business divestment process and offer comprehensive sell-side advisory services where our skilled professionals will assist you in every step of divestment process ensuring best possible outcome.

Our sell side due diligence is focused on keeping the control of a transaction with the seller. BGD can assist you on various types of sell side services like packaging the portions of your company, preparing financial documentation, selling documentation, data room management and so forth. We ensure that there are no surprises when you make the important decision to sell all or part of your business.