Transaction Tax

Every corporate transaction is an important stepping stone for your business. However, all the business stakeholders need to thoroughly understand the implications of such corporate transactions. From mergers and acquisitions to divestures, fundraising, restructuring, and refinancing, each transaction has tax implications. At BGD, our tax advisors will help you plan and understand these tax implications in order to eliminate risks, enhance new opportunities and maximize value for your business.

Tax consequences of different transactions can affect your business differently. For that reason, BGD tax advisors perform due diligence depending on the nature of the business transaction. Our aim is to provide practical and useful tax advice that you can use to make informed decisions that align with your commercial objectives. Our transaction tax advisors have global experience to help your business. Through tax advice for your pre and post transaction, they ensure you get the most advantageous tax position for your company.

Furthermore, our tax advisors evaluate, recommend and implement an optimal tax structure that will help your company to truly gain a tax advantage.