Valuation Services

In today’s global environment, fair valuation of a business holds key to its success. It is imperative for corporates, managers, buyers, sellers, private equity firms and investment bankers to determine fair market value for a business. At BGD, our professionals are committed to deliver independent, on-time and credible valuations of shares and assets of your company.

There are times when business owners or investors demand unreal prices during acquisition or sale of a particular business. These expectations are mostly based on emotional considerations and often not backed by detailed analysis of financial statements or other key financial indicators. Advisors at BGD offer comprehensive due diligence to help you measure, analyze and determine informed, objective and independent range of values.

Our primary focus is to maximize shareholder value. We will assist you in evaluating indicative value of your company based on due diligence findings so that you can negotiate the final pricing and successfully close the deal.

According to Warren Buffet, Price is what you pay, value is what you get”. The famous statement indicates that price and value are completely different. A business’s intrinsic value to some extent is inaccurate as it mostly depends on certain assumptions. However, it can be somewhat defined and a narrow range for that value can be established if legitimate valuation process is executed.

BGD’s experienced team helps you by providing in-depth analysis for ascertaining the value of your business in an easy to understand way. We will help you understand what makes your business valuable today and successfully evaluate if you are getting the right value of your business in relation to the price.