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BGD is a professional services firm providing accounting, audit, tax, advisory and legal services to private enterprises, public companies and high net-worth individuals. With a commitment to exceeding expectations, BGD offers customized solutions to clients of all sizes.

Since inception, BGD’s service lines have rapidly expanded beyond traditional accounting, legal and tax offerings. BGD’s commitment to provide high-quality services stems from its leadership experience with global accounting firms.

Business Paradigms

With continuous changes in technology, stricter corporate governance and reporting, and significant changes in global trade, the business environment is dynamic and demanding.

What has worked in the past has become obsolete today, and it is now imperative to have professional business expertise by your side.

Strategies change to face new challenges

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change with BGD

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BGD's client service philosophy focuses on building trust in our client relationships, sharing their vision and professional execution. Our team of motivated and skilled personnel offers our clients timely, reliable and relevant solutions. We believe the success of our people lies in their continuous development and aligning their skill sets with your requirements, resulting in their growth and exceeding your expectations.

Increase productivity

BGD will work closely with you in identifying and understanding your financial objectives in order to create a customized strategy and plan of execution that will best serve your short and long-term goals. Count on our leaders’ experience and in-depth knowledge to increase productivity in your company.

Fuel business innovation

At BGD, we provide consulting services for numerous industries including manufacturing, technology, automobile, retail, real estate, hospitality, mining, transportation, service-based industries, healthcare and more. Our industrial expertise empowers you to invest in new technologies and ideas – which translates into innovation.

An outstanding
IT infrastructure


Going paperless is not only an eco-friendly initiative, but also a matter of efficiency and security. By working only with electronic documents, we minimize the chances of losing or misplacing files. BGD’s paperless policy also benefits customer service by giving us almost instantaneous access to relevant client documents from anywhere in the world.

Client Portal

We offer a customized portal for each of our clients where they can easily upload/ download documents and even keep track of their processes. This convenient online tool translates into efficiency in our day-to-day work.

Cloud computing

BGD stores files and documents on an online platform, providing a higher level of security, control and recovery when needed. Working with a cloud system enables our professionals to have swift access to client files, anywhere and at any time, without having to worry about limited office storage space.

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