As technologies and security systems increase in quality, so does the need to streamline the payroll and other human resources processes. If you are still managing paper timesheets and writing individual cheques for each of your employees, let BGD make these issues a thing of the past by helping you implement direct deposits. BGD has partnered with ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) – one of the world’s leading companies in outsourcing solutions – to offer our clients a cost-effective direct deposit solution. In addition to getting you the best rates, we will with you and ADP to make the transition as smooth as possible. We can also help you with other payroll-related functions, including:

  • Automated tax remittance and simplified tax filing
  • Automating routine payroll processes
  • Increasing payroll accuracy
  • Monitoring labour activities in real time
  • Eliminating paper timesheets and other error-prone manual processes
  • Time spent tracking down timecard approvals
  • Eliminating time-theft due to buddy punching