WSIB Compliance

Most businesses are required to register with the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) within 10 days of hiring their first full- or part-time employee, even if those employees are family members or sub-contractors. Registration is the first step. By law, businesses must also adhere to all of the rules and regulations set forth by the WSIB.

Our professionals, with their WSIB knowledge and expertise, can help ensure that your organization is in full compliance and in turn, minimize the possibility of any issues arising with the WSIB. In addition to compliance, we can help you understand what purpose the WSIB serves and how it impacts your business. The rules are not the same for all businesses, as the industry in which you operate plays a role in determining your WSIB obligations. There are also instances where the WSIB may audit your organization. Going through an audit can be a stressful experience at best, taking up your valuable time and resources.

BGD can help with all of your WSIB audit needs. From collecting all relevant financial information to preparing necessary documents and responding to requests from the WSIB, we can guide you through an audit from start to finish so you can concentrate on what is most important – running your business. Let BGD help you. Count on BGD’s experience to help you with your accounting needs.