BGD Managed Services

The Managed Services Practice of BGD is aimed at providing comprehensive business solutions for improving and optimizing returns at an enterprise level. The objective is to professionally enhance the leadership of an enterprise and deliver a transformed and innovative company to the owner / shareholders, through strategizing, directing and implementing a road map for improved returns and sustainability. The Managed Services engagement is across the entire spectrum -from conceptualization to implementation and outcomes, including arranging resources as necessary. BGD’s Managed Services works in tandem with the client’s team and enables the client to internalize solutions and perpetuate outcomes in various areas, including:

  • Cost and budgetary control
  • Business Re-engineering and Technology
  • Corporate Management
  • Financial Turnarounds

The BGD Managed Services Methodology:

  • Mapping of business current state
  • Identifying key performance areas for alignment
  • Adopting an innovative, systems & technology driven zero-based approach to building road maps and deliverables
  • Identifying and prioritizing tasks and timelines
  • Deploying resources and expertise to construct the methodology and implementation
  • Deploying a holistic approach through arranging resources for the business as required, aligned with strategic planning
  • Establishing a key metrics reporting system for monitoring and review of the implementation
  • Establishing a system of monitoring and reporting that underlines sustainability of the implemented solutions


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