Corporate Finance

At BGD, we recognize that attaining maximum value is central to any corporate finance endeavor. No matter what your need  – whether you are acquiring or selling a business, or looking to raise capital for your next big move – we can help ensure that your company realizes maximum value. Our professionals possess extensive experience in all aspects of corporate finance, so whether you are in a growth phase, restructuring, contemplating a merger or acquisition, looking to refinance debt etc., we can help raise your capital. Capital can come in many forms but which is the best for your company? Through our vast network of contacts, BGD can help identify and introduce you to the appropriate traditional and non-traditional financing sources that fit your particular needs. We will develop a financial plan along with financing structures; help you in presenting your case to lenders and/or investors and assist in any negotiations that arise. Leveraging our corporate finance knowledge and expertise, we will guide you through every step of the process while keeping the ultimate goal a priority – maximizing the value of your company.


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