Corporate Finance

At the core of every transaction are the funds required to conclude the deal.  BGD works with corporate finance professionals affiliated with BGD who have worked in lending institutions such as Canadian chartered banks, private equity firms and other premium lending houses.

BGD corporate finance clients enhance their financing request package by including a credit structure that is in line with the anticipated bank’s BRR (Business Risk Rating), resulting in accelerated funding time lines, increased fee income, greater client engagement, increased client satisfaction, and added credibility with the banks and alternative lenders.

BGD can assist to negotiate collateral security, such as personal and cross guarantees, lien on personal assets, financial covenants, reporting quality and frequency, terms and conditions of payment, etc. BGD’s corporate finance team know what is acceptable to the bank and we have the ability to push beyond lending guidelines and parameters if needed in order to help the client access the much needed financing.

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