Transaction Support

BGD’s Transaction Advisory Services provides extensive support to private equity firms, strategic acquirers, high net worth investors and corporations looking to grow through acquisition or divest to attain their goals. Our professionals possess vast experience and expertise in providing a comprehensive portfolio of transaction advisory services.

We will work with you to identify and thoroughly understand exactly what you would like to achieve by undertaking the transaction. From that point on, we will utilize our knowledge and experience to provide you with expert analysis and advice every step of the way.

First Essential Steps –BGD Approach

  • Business Assessment
  • Preliminary Negotiations
  • Detailed Investigation – Buy-side or Sell-side Advisory
  • Objective Valuation
  • Structuring – Tax, Corporate Finance
  • Final Negotiations

The above steps show BGDs tried and tested approach to making a successful privately negotiated acquisition or sale. A detailed investigation, often in itself thought of as due diligence, is an important part of this approach whether you are on the buy or the sell side. Here we briefly outline how we take this approach from preliminary investigations through to getting the best deal whether you want to BUY, SELL or LIST.

Buy-side Advisory

When buying a business, it is important to accurately assess the balance between the price you pay and the value you get. When properly done, transactions can be the quickest way to explore new markets or enhance your presence in existing ones. On the other hand, when poorly managed, they can become a waste of time and money.

Our buy side due diligence services focuses specifically on transaction drivers to build a unique diligence plan on what matters. EBITDA, cash flows, working capital, market share, customer base, etc. may be your deal driver. Our experience is that most buyers are focused on a combination of these and other factors as well. Co-developing a specific due diligence plan is the key to successfully gaining all the required information to either avoid a bad deal or make a good deal better.

BGD’s experienced professionals can identify and react to opportunities to create value for your business. We can help you assess transaction prospects, determine fair pricing, complete due diligence and deal with all the other requirements to make sure you close a profitable deal.

Sell-side Advisory

Selling a company ranks as one of the most important decisions made by business owners in their lifetime. BGD’s sell-side advisory services cover every stage of the client’s divestment process to ensure the best possible outcome in this experience.

Our sell side due diligence is focused on keeping the control of a transaction with the seller.  Packaging the portions of your company for sale, financial document preparation, selling documentation, data room management, etc. are the types of sell side services we can manage for you to ensure that there are no surprises when selling all or a portion of your business.

Transaction Advisory

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