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Today, placing a fair market value on a business is essential for business owners, managers, buyer’s sellers, private equity firms and investment bankers. Valuation of shares of a company is not a new problem. It has been with us long as the corporate form itself.

Often the investor (buyer) and/or seller commence negotiations for the acquisition or sale of a business with an unrealistic price in mind. This price is frequently based on emotional considerations, sometimes dangerously supported only by a cursory review of the financial statements. Let BGD CBVs play a major role is providing an informed, independent an objective range of values.

Maximizing shareholder value is inevitably the destination. Let BGD FVS, be your choice in providing Valuation Services and guide you through the process very quickly formulating indicative value to firming up numbers based on due diligence findings to negotiating the final pricing leading to successful closing. When value matters we bring certainty with well documented analysis and valuation opinions.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

One of Warren Buffett’s favorite old admonitions reveals that price and value are not always the same.  While the intrinsic value of a business is admittedly a somewhat imprecise estimate that depends on assumptions, it nevertheless stays within a much narrower range if a proper valuation is performed which guides transaction team.

Understand the value of your business – choose an advisor who knows what makes a business valuable now and in the future and whether you are getting the value in relation to the price. And because value is not just an arbitrary number, CBVs provide an in-depth analysis of their findings in an easy-to- comprehend manner. So when you are looking for certainty in a transitions wouldn’t you want a BGD professionals on your side?


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